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Substance dependency is a commonly misunderstood problem that lots of people are affected by. There are a lot of addicts who make the first choice to begin using illegal drugs, but in a short time the drugs manage to ‘re-wire’ the brain, and their ability to stop is confused. Sometimes substances that were intended to help people feel better end up beginning substance dependency, as is the case with prescription pain killers used to treat legitimate discomfort. Other people experience trauma or extreme pressure, and attempt to medicate those emotions with legal or illegal substances. Several Chicago Drug Rehabilitation believe that the key to treating dependency isn’t to be judgmental or cruel, but to educate, support, and inform the addict in recovery.

Drug abuse and addiction distresses and seriously affects the user’s health. A variety of consequences derive from addiction and abuse that prove detrimental to one’s body and mind, requiring professional help. Drug abuse can impact every aspect of daily life, due to widespread brain damage and change. These brain changes include, but are not limited to, difficulty with memory, learning, attention, decision-making and behavioral control. In addition to a weakened immune system, there are physical effects drug abuse has on the body. A few of these physical effects are: restlessness, fatigue, changes in appetite, abnormal heart rate, heart attacks, muscle weakness, liver and kidney damage. It’s easy to feel lost with all of the information available on the web and on television, and it’s difficult to know who has the best advice, which programs are effective, or what information is even accurate. As a certified leader in the Chicago rehabilitation community, we want to help people in the community review and find their rehab options. Call (877) 447-4756 to get help now.

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