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Despite the fact that there are many thousands of people suffering through dependence on addictive substances in the United States, drug addiction is still a very misunderstood, extremely stigmatized disease. Usually, the foundation of this misconception is that people think substance addiction is a decision, and many believe people who use should be disciplined for their choice, rather than treated for a disease. As a result, many people struggling with addiction are shamed and threatened by the prospect of seeking help. However, there is compassionate help available to those who need it most.

In most Chicago-area addiction treatment facilities, a patient’s substance abuse disorder is addressed in a way that is caring, effective, and based on scientific and medical research. Rehab centers also employ medical and clinical professionals specializing in dependency recovery, so their programs are accredited and certified from state to state. A dedicated recovery team creates individualized, customized treatment plans to fulfill the physical, mental, social, medical, vocational, and emotional needs of all its clients, and offers a healthy, compassionate atmosphere for addicts who want to begin recovering from drug or alcohol addiction. To find treatment in or near the Chicago area, call us at (877) 447-4756.

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